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From rescreening to custom built screens and everything in between,
Screen Medic has your window screens covered.
Rescreening Your Windows

Most common fiberglass screens will last on average 5-8 years. Seasonal changes and direct sun rays cause the outer coating to deteriorate. Screen Medic will rescreen your window screens with new high quality Phifer Insect Screen giving your home a fresh new look.

Screen Medic provides quality on-site screen repair.  If the frame of your existing screens are in good shape, replacing the entire window screen is not necessary.  Screen Medic will come to your home and/or business and replace the old screen mesh with our high quality Phifer screen.

Custom Built Screens

Whether your window screen is broken or missing, Screen Medic will custom manufacture a screen to fit any size window. 


We manufacture screens on site, allowing us to make sure your new screen fits precisely into your window.

We carry our frame in a a variety of widths and colors that will match your liking and your existing screens. Additionally we carry many different pins, latches, clips, and tension springs to accompany all window design manufacturers.


We offer a large variety of screen mesh options to best suit your needs, whether you're focused on durability, visibility, or both.

Click on the mesh to learn more about each screen material available.

Screen Window Frame Repair

Sometimes screen frames bow inward resulting in gaps between the screen and the window frame. This allows insects and other pests to come in. 


Do you have a bent or damaged frame? Screen Medic will fix your screen by removing the screen mesh and skillfully reshaping your frame back to its original form. Once your frame has been properly re-shaped, we will re-screen with high quality Phifer screen mesh.

Frame Color Options
Screen Medic Frame Colors Options .png

We're committed to finding the best color match for your custom built screens and frame repairs. For that reason, we provide a number of colors for you to choose from.


Please note that the samples may appear darker in the image than in person. For reference, take a look at the white sample at the top of the image. Feel free to call with any questions about color samples.

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