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Custom Built Sliding Doors


From rescreening to custom built screens and everything in between,
Screen Medic has your storm doors and sliding doors covered.
Rescreening Your Doors

Screen doors are the most used screens in your home. They're also the most visible. Keep your screen doors looking good as new by replacing the screen in your sliding door or swing open storm door every eight to fifteen years.


Screen Medic offers door rescreening at a flat rate. All you need to do is select the screen mesh option! We offer a handful of screen materials, allowing us to match the existing screen in your door.  The most popular mesh is our pet-resistant Super Screen.

Custom Built Sliding Doors

In need of a new aluminum patio screen door? Skip the home improvement chains -- get a door that's made just for you! Screen Medic custom builds sliding doors, ensuring that they'll fit and operate without a hitch.

For extra durability, we install an extruded aluminum frame with metal wheels,


Upgrade from the black fiberglass mesh for Super Screen.


We offer a large variety of screen mesh options to best suit your needs, whether you're focused on durability, visibility, or both.

Click on the mesh to learn more about each screen material available.

Pet Resistant Super Screen

We all love our pets, but we don't love the damage they do. If your pet has pawed, scratched, or pushed its way through your screen door, Super Screen has got you covered. This super-strong screen mesh provides maximum durability for your home.

Screen Medic offers a 1-year no-questions-asked warranty on all Super Screen services! If your pet rips through the material, Screen Medic will replace the screen at no additional charge -- guaranteed!

Click Here for our Super Screen Warranty Statement

for Doors and Window screens.

Custom Built Wood Doors

Looking for a new porch of front entry wood door? Screen Medic offers beautiful, handcrafted wood doors that are sure to be perfect for your home. These heavy duty doors are much thicker than those you'd find in stores, meaning they're built to last. 


Our wood doors include your choice of Grade A cedar or paint grade select pine.  We can design just about anything and our options for the hardware is also part of the selection.

Custom Built Wood Doors
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